A few weeks to go

We’ve got a few weeks to go and rehearsals are coming along very well.
To catch you up… we’re setting "Patience" in the 1960s with Bunthorne as a Beatnik poet and Grosvenor as a Hippie poet.  Patience is still a milk maid, but with a mid-century spin.  We’ve also got a fun twist for the Dragoons which I think you’ll enjoy.
The cast sounds absolutely magnificent.  Alan has done an excellent job with music rehearsals, which have been going since January. We’re now in the process of adding staging and choreography.
Last night we had a small rehearsal and worked on "So Go to Him and Say to Him" with Jane and Bunthorne.  Donna, Evelyn and I laughed mightily at their absurd gesticulations throughout.
We also worked on "Long Years Ago" with Patience and Lady Angela.  A bit of subversion makes both the song and the preceeding scene just a bit creepy — but in a fun way.
Tonight is a full-cast call with two studios to rehearse in.  It promises to be chaotic, but I expect we will get a lot accomplished.
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