controlled chaos

As predicted, tonight’s rehearsal was a bit chaotic…. but we got a lot of great work done.  Evelyn worked with the women’s chorus to polish their choreography and to work several of the many "Twenty Love-sick Maidens" exits.  Meanwhile I worked with the men’s chorus on the "Now is Not This Ridiculous" section of "Doleful Train."  We then reviewed "Soldiers of Our Queen" — including the slow motion scrimmages during "If You Want a Receipt" — and "When I First Put This Uniform On." All did excellent work.
The last hour of the evening dealt with  the Act I Finale and this is where the chaos came in.  It’s no easy task to coordinate the movements of 35 or so different folks who are sometimes in unison and sometimes not.  Focus is the biggest problem here, but we are making great strides.
Kudos to the principals who worked independently during the bulk of the evening!
Thursday night we will focus on Act II, with just Bunthorne, Grosvenor, Patience, Jane and the women’s chorus.
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