Yikes, I’m pooped.  I was late for my pre-rehearsal meeting and I hate being late. I almost allowed my rocky day to bleed over into a rocky rehearsal.  I am ashamed of myself.
But the props are looking great and the preview of Patience’s costume was highly entertaining.  That was a wonderful way to start the evening and was a lot of fun for everyone involved.
I asked Evelyn to lead warm-ups tonight — a very good thing.  I was able to participate in the excercises rather than to lead them and it really helped me to get focused and relaxed.  We often feel rushed and bypass warm-up excercises.  Even if they have to be short, they are a very good thing.
Once we got going, we covered a lot of territory.  We staged most of the opening songs in Act II and did quite a bit of scenework.  I still need to work on "Sad is That Woman’s Lot" and to choreograph "When I Walk Out The Door,"  but most of the second Act is now pretty much set.
Right now, my big notes are focus and specificity.  The scenes are all short — but a lot happens.  Of course, a lot happens within the songs as well, so the acting never stops.  We have identified many  beat changes and plot turns, and the comedy depends upon large, rapid and crisp shifts in intent. 
All the basic work is in place, but there is a tendency to smooth out the edges rather than to ride the crest of each wave all the way into the ensuing plunge and then back up again. Let me mix my metaphors as I say that I really believe an audience wants to see the bumps in the road upon which the characters are travelling, their highs and lows and all the jarring shifts in between.  It’s not about slowing down, it’s about enjoying the bumpy ride.
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