Act II

Evelyn volunteered to lead warm-ups again tonight (hoorah!) We then started the evening with notes from Pam, who — along with her assistant Michael — will be designing make-up for the production.
Then we ran all of Act II. Even though this was the "chunky" version, it feels good to have staged the Finale of the production. While there remain many holes to be filled, it somehow makes everything seem imminently doable.  Even if we had to open tomorrow, everyone should know when and where they’re entering and exiting. Now we just have to continue filling up those spaces in between. As I’ve said before, I usually start a big, large-cast production with broad strokes.  Now the broad strokes are there and we can spend the next few weeks working on the fine details
I must say that we had lots of great focus and good sold work from everyone tonight.  While Evelyn, Donna, Alan and I worked with onstage groups in the main room, smaller groups used their offstage time to review choreography and scenes in the adjoining hallway.  A very productive evening all around.
Everyone is still not confidently off-book.  And that’s okay for now.  But we really do need to drop the scores before we can get into much more detailed work.
Some highlights of the evening were: adding the guys into two scenes, which are otherwise a duet and a trio, for some delightful suprise entrances and exits; re-working some of the women’s choral numbers so the staging is more fluid and interesting; having the rest of the cast see for the first time (and enjoy!) the choreography and scenes we’d worked in small groups previously; and continuing to discover nuances in all the performances.
At the end of the evening we let most of the cast go early while I worked with Karen on "Sad is That Woman’s Lot" (I think we’re off to a wonderful start there), and Evelyn worked with Jim, Steve and Thea on their scenes.
Onward and upward…
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