milk truck, etc.

I now have the elusive electrical vehicle in my garage.  For a long while it didn’t look like it was going to happen but, thanks to a tip from Shaingtai, we are borrowing a basic electic vehicle from Dr. George and the students in the Electical Vehicle class in the Pratt School of Engineering at Duke University. 
Yesterday, Charlie and I met Dr. George on campus to pick up the vehicle.  While he finalized some wiring and gave us operating and battery-charging instructions, Charlie took meticulous measurements and we discussed our plans for building the body of the truck. 
Right now it really is simply a chair on a wheeled platform.  It is totally electric and operates with a small joystick.  Charlie will be working on the body of the truck this week.  We will then assemble it in my garage and add the finishing touches. If all goes well it should be ready to roll by tech week. Keep your fingers crossed.
And, speaking of the technical side of things, the set is looking wonderful.  I met with Charles and Jennifer (our new lighting designer) at the warehouse last week and was very pleased with the way things are shaping up. It all began with Richard’s excellent design. Thanks to Charles and our great volunteers, the basic construction is finished and the crew is now spending Saturday afternoons working on the detail painting.  It seems like things are well in hand to be ready for load-in.
After meeting at the warehouse, Charles, Jennifer and I went over to the Carolina Theater to introduce Jennifer to the staff there and to familiarize her with the house.  Again, things seem to be coming along very well and I think this year’s lighting deisgn will meet or surpass all expectations. 
We’ve got a great tech and design team and have made vast improvements in all aspects of production design over the past few years. This year’s production promises to be a continuation of that evolution.
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