Great rehearsal tonight.  We had two dance studios and a hallway to work in, so it was a veritable three-ring circus. 
Evelyn worked with the women on "I Cannot Tell What This Love May Be" (Ziegfeld eat your heart out), "I’m a Waterloo House Young Man" (Betty Furness eat your heart out), and "In a Doleful Train" (I guess I’ll have to eat my own heart out). 
I must say that the women absorbed an impressive amount of information. Alan was onhand to act as a one-man orchestra for them, and Thea took a break from her scenework in the hallway to provide vocals for "I Cannot Tell What This Love May Be."
Meanwhile I worked with Jim and Steve on some scenework, then set "Sad is That Woman’s Lot" with Karen, and then helped the men’s chorus to make sense of my muddled e-mail notes for the "Now Is Not This Ridiculous" sections of "Doleful Train."
Donna bounced around throughout the evening: confirming lines and blocking for principals running scenes in the hallway; going over lines with various actors; and reviewing choreography with the men’s chorus in one of the studios.
Near the end of the evening we were able to run "Doleful Train" with both the men’s and the women’s choruses and to see, for the first time, their simultaneous, but decidedly different, choroegraphy.  They sounded and looked fantastic. 
Once again, many of the principals were left to their own devices during the bulk of the evening.  I’d given them assigned scenes to run and it was evident that this was happening.  While I moved from room to room, I never noticed a time when everyone was not busily working either alone or in small groups. 
I gave most of the cast a well deserved fifteen-minute-early departure and ended the evening by going over the movement pattern for "When I Go Out the Door" with Steve, Jim, and Karen.  We were all reminded, once again, that I still do not know left from right.  It must be a strange thing indeed to work with a director/choreographer who cannot count and who consistently says left when he means right.  God bless them, every one.
Again, great progress was made tonight.  Good, hard, focused work by all!
The only downside is that many people were absent, so there will be quite a bit of catching up to do.
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