A Complete Run Through

Tonight we ran the entire production from beginning to end for the very first time.  I must admit that I thought we would have more trainwrecks and didn’t think we would make it through the entire show in our allotted rehearsal time — but we did it!  Or, I should say, THEY did it.  The cast remained remarkably focused and plowed through every scene and every song.
Now, I’m not saying that every moment was pretty.  There were many dropped cues and missed entrances. There was some botched choreography and quite a bit of jostling and scurrying to get back on track.  But we’re in great shape to still be two weeks from opening.
All our work up until now has been right on the mark and has paid off with a complex production with a variety of moods and tempos and many fun surprises.
And the character work is excellent.  Some things are still a bit shaky and uncertain, but all the actors have done great work on developing their characters and are definitely on the right track.
Oh, and the whole cast sounds incredible…. congratulations to them and to Alan.
So, I’ve mentioned the concept that a great performance will be Precise, Relaxed, and Fierce.  We are going to spend the next week working on Precision, Precision, Precision.  Then, perhaps we’ll relax.
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