Many thanks to our Valiant Understudies!

Tonight we did another complete run-through of the production — this time with our incredible understudies in the lead roles.  Elizabeth, Shoshi, Ginny, Sarah, Mike and Charlie are all to be commended for fabulous performances
In addition to mastering their roles as chorus members, these six have independently learned the blocking, choreography, and songs of the principals. It was a great treat to watch these actors take on these roles, and to see the fruits of the tremendous amount of time and effort they’ve put into their character study, scene study, and vocal work.  Bravo!
Many friends and family members were in attendance tonight and, I am happy to say, seemed to thoroughly enjoy the performance.  This bodes well for our upcoming public performances.  We only have four performances this year, so I hope everyone  who liked what they saw will spread the word.
Tonight was also a rare opportunity for many of the principals to sit back and watch the production — a luxury which is rarely afforded an actor.  I would guess they each now have a much greater appreciation of the shape of the show, the pacing, and the "larger picture."  This aspect of a production can be difficult to grasp from within an onstage performance.  Also, I have found that it can be enlightening in myriad ways to see someone else portray your character.  For this opportunity, we also thank our understudies.
And thanks to Karen and Pam, and principals Steve, Thea, and Jim for coming in early to shoot some promotional photos and video.  I think we got some good stuff.
Sunday will be the beginning of our Precision Marathon.  We will focus on the Act I Finale and then break into groups to hone and finesse as much material as we can.
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