“Come Walk Up and Purchase With Avidity”

I’m about to head out to Tuesday night dance rehearsal, but wanted to take a moment to encourage you to go ahead and buy your tickets for our upcoming performances.
For those of you who don’t know this one, it’s worth noting that "Patience" enjoyed the second longest initial run of all the G&S operettas (surpassed only by "The Mikado").  It was extremely popular in its day and only fell out of favor in later years because of the supposed "datedness" and "inaccessibility" of its theme.  Well, we’ve updated the date to the 1960s and, without changing more than five words of the entire libretto, have found that it’s pretty darn hip.
We have many thrilling surprises for you this year: the world’s largest bongo! (well, it’s actually a round platform, but we do beat on it at one point); a motorized vehicle onstage; the traditional appearance of Queen Victoria and her entourage; a couple of lifts, at least one twirl, and a jete; one of the most fun entrances of a male chorus in recent memory; at least four wigs and two falls; ice-cream follies a la Ziegfeld; a bare chest; berets, bell bottoms and a ukulele; soaring ballads, comic trios and duets, a menopausal solo, and one sublime sextet with chorus; and shoulder pads galore!
And, if that’s not enough for you, we have a fantastic cast with incredible voices and enough onstage energy to pay homage to the fact that "Patience" was the first theater production in the world to be lit by electric lights.
We only have one weekend of performances, so don’t miss your chance!
There is a link to the right (I mean left) for ticket purchases. 
There is also a link to a short video clip — just to whet your appetite. Enjoy!
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