It’s all in the details

Tonight’s rehearsal was all about getting it right — down to the smallest possible detail.  The entire evening was spent reviewing and working choreography and scenes.
Evelyn worked with the women in one studio, while Donna worked with the men in another studio, and I worked with some of the principals in the hallway. 
After Sunday’s very productive rehearsal, all the choreography and staging have been established (oh, except for the Overture) and we can devote ourselves to becoming more and more, and then even more precise.
We’ll have plenty of new hurdles to face and problems to solve when we move into the theater on Monday for tech week (or tech "three days," I should say).
Our objective until then is to become as solid and confident as we can possibly be, so we’ll be that much more able to roll with the punches.
It’s just like in physical training… the stronger you are, the easier you can resist, and recover from, an injury.  We will spend the rest of this week building up our strength in order to face the assult we will undoubtedly encounter next week.
I don’t think I have ever put a production on the stage which actually "fit" on the first try.  The truth of the matter is that we rehearse in conference rooms and studios and hallways and living rooms — and do not put the show on the set until just a few days before we open. 
We have detailed measurements and drawings from the set designer and technical director and we have planned as well as we can, but you just never know whether or not it’s going to work until you put it on the set, under the lights, in costume, with all the props, and in front of the orchestra.  Invariably, we will find that adjustments must be made.
If we know our stuff inside and out, we’ll be able to handle it with no problem.
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