Scattered Unison

It feels downright strange to be at home on a weeknight barely a week before we open.
Tonight is one of those bizarre occurances when — in the midst of our fevered attempts to get our production ready for the stage — we have an evening with no rehearsal. No space = no rehearsal.
That’s not to say that we are not still working… I know for a fact that a group of actors is meeting tonight in someone’s home to go over lines and scenework. I am certain that someone somewhere is sewing costumes. And someone else is constructing props. Undoubtedly many are alone or in small groups reviewing music, blocking, choreography. Lighting designs are being plotted, set problems are being solved, wigs are being styled, and small inspirations are igniting all over the place. Someone is fretting and someone is crying and someone is bursting at the seams with anticipation. And tonight, or soon, most of us will have the strangest of dreams.
Scattered throughout homes and hallways across the Triangle, each of us is struggling with our own task, climbing our own mountain, and fighting our own battle.  But it’s important to recognize how profoundly each and every one of these efforts will contribute to the unified enterprise which will go up in front of audiences next week.
This is a perfect time to stop and reflect upon the concept of "ensemble."  We often think of an ensemble when we see a group of people working together in seemingly effortless harmony.  This is something to which we definitely aspire, but the key word here is "seemingly." There is a indeed a vast amount of individual effort which goes into a great ensemble. And it is worth noting the impact of each and every person quietly doing their own little best to keep the momentum going forward.
I’ve tried to filter my ramblings through the myriad definitions for "ensemble."  But I am thinking right now of this particular gathering of disparate people, shining our individual lights in the same direction at the same time — each contributing to, and none detracting from, the brilliant illumination of a collective endeavor in which we all believe.
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