Seven days, and counting…

"Patience" opens in seven days — and that seems about right.
We had a fantastic run-through tonight, with many lovely new additions.  Lisa had most of the props on hand and they look great.  Also, the work everyone did on drilling choreography last Tuesday has definitely paid off.  And new takes on some of the scenes are tremendous fun. 
There are still some rough spots and a few jagged edges which need polishing.  And I’ve decided that I need to tweak some of the choreography, but I believe we have time.  We have now staged the Overture, and it’s just as sloppy as it can be.  But, again, we definitely have the time to get it in order.
I have a long list of specific notes which I’ll be sending out to the cast later tonight. Mostly all little things. But little things which do make a difference.
My biggest notes at this point are still about precision and confidence. I can see very clearly when the actors aren’t feeling solid about what they’re doing.  Their confidence level goes down, everything becomes tentative, and then it just turns into mud.  This doesn’t happen often (less and less every day), but once is too much.  
Our most important task right now is to clear the waters.
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