Six days, and couting…

Tonight was our last staging rehearsal before moving into the theater on Monday.  The next time we run this show we’ll have actual platforms, steps, and furniture — as well as costumes, props, lighting, and make-up.   We won’t, however, have an orchestra until Tuesday.  That’s a good thing because we’ll be up to our ears in solving staging  problems on Monday night.
We had a good solid run-through tonight with lots of great development.  The principal characters are continuing to grow in the most delightful ways and the choral work is becoming much more focused and unified.  Beats are getting stronger and cleaner and the confidence level is moving ever upward.
While we won’t work staging again until Monday, there will definitely be activity over the weekend…. 
On Saturday, Alan will rehearse with the orchestra, Charles will have a final work day with the set crew, and Charlie and I will have a final session with the milk truck.
On Sunday, Alan will rehearse with orchestra and full cast and then everyone will load the set into the truck in readiness for loading in to the Carolina Theatre bright and early Monday morning.
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