First Production Meeting

We had a production meeting with all the designers last week.  Firt of all, I must say that it was great that everyone could be there.  This is a crazy busy time of year (for people who are usually crazy busy anyway) so I was thrilled to have all the members of the production team in attendance.
And not only in attendance, but in top form.  I don’t want to get too particular, but Richard (set design), Jennifer (lighting design), Hannah (costume design), Pam (make-up design) and Lisa (properties design) are each off to a great start and have some fabulous visual treats in store for you.
I’m thinking "fun surprises" should perhaps be our design theme for this year.  I always, always want to pack our performances with fun surprises, but this year’s bag of tricks promises to be something extra-special. 
We’re going for a very "theatrical," "presentational," style built on what are perhaps best described as European theatrical traditions — ranging from comedia and puppetry, to Victorian wind-up toys, to modern-day Cirque d’soliel performances.
I can’t wait to see how everything unfolds.
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