Photo Shoot

We have a photo shoot scheduled for this coming Monday. And Karen and Pam and I are trying to set things up as best we can.  Space, props, lighting, costumes, make-up…
It’s always a bit daunting to be faced with the challenge of creating an image for a production which hasn’t even gone into rehearsals.  Yes, I have ideas. We all have ideas. Many ideas. And, yes, we’ve had our initial design meetings and production meetings.  But all that is merely in our heads or perhaps on paper at this point — and everything is negotiable.
So very much is discovered during rehearsals.  I can’t emphasize that enough.  No matter how much thought and planning we’ve put into the concept and design of the production, everything will be transformed — and ultimately translated – by the cast and crew.  Who knows what will happen?
I can only hope the photos we get from the shoot will contain at least a fraction of the magic which has been flowing freely through the imaginations of our production team.  And, further, I hope next March’s production will far surpass our greatest expectations — and surprise the heck out of everyone involved.
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