Publicity Photo

I’m happy to report that last night’s photo shoot yeilded great results.
 With the creation of this publicity image, we have taken the first step toward making the ideas behind this production a reality.  This image will be our calling card.  It will go on the postcard, on the website, and be sent out to the press. 
The main purpose of a publicity shot is to generate interest and to give our audience some idea of what’s in store. But it should also be a constant reminder to the cast and crew of what we’re striving for.  I do think this shot captures the energy — the sense of magic, wonder and surprise — that I was hoping for.
Now we have to set about mounting a production that lives up to the expectation we’ve established.
For those of you who care about this sort of thing….  We used the IBM rehearsal hall at the Durham Arts Council for our "photo studio."  Karen brought in some costume pieces from the warehouse and Pam brought in her make-up kit, some wigs, and some inspriational images.  The background is some cheap navy blue glittery fabric I’ve had for years.  I upended a table and drapped the fabric over it — holding it in place with aligator clips.  I was unable to borrow real photographer’s lights so we made do with four clip lights which I borrowed from Manbites Dog Theater. For "bounce" light we upended another (white) table. The wig’s wave/curls are held in place with spray starch and colored with blue hair spray Pam bought at an "After Halloween" sale. The ship came off my Christmas tree and was glued to a long stick and then "magically" levitated by Karen.  And, of course, everyting was cleaned up and enhanced a bit in photoshop.  And there you have it! 
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