Rehearsal Schedule

I posted the initial rehearsal schedule today.  Yes, that is a major hurdle.  Creating the initial rehearsal schedule always seems to be the most daunting of tasks for me. We have 21 (+) musical numbers to create and learn — some short and some (Act I Finale, for instance) long — and I am faced with the task of sitting here with my score in hand and predicting how much time that will take and upon which dates each and every element will be tackled: my schedule; your schedule; his schedule; her schedule…. factoring in gestation time, time to think, to argue, to create, to meld…
At first it seems impossible to plot out the trajectory for creating the production, but then somehow a method will emerge from the madness and I will commit it to paper.  Doing it on the computer will never suffice — I must create the first calendar on paper with an actual pen and then plug it back into the computer.  So now, for better or for worse, the initial schedule (through January) is done and we have goals that are just that much more specific.  Like I’ve said before — making the vision into reality.  It’s a dirty job…
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