Catching Up

We had a read-through with just the principals and understudies last Tuesday.  We discussed the production concept, went over set design, talked about costumes and make-up and did some character work.   Then we read the scenes and established basic directions in which we’d like to move.
There was a bit of shuffling during the rest of the week.  Unfortunately, we lost one of our principals due to family issues and time constraints.  This is never a pleasant process for anyone concerned.  It is extremely difficult for an actor to make the decision to leave a production.  And it is also difficult for the cast and production crew to make the psychological and practical adjustments.  This requires a pause in the process — everyone’s perspective shifts a bit, many things must be re-conceived, and our collective vision for the production is essentially broken apart and then refitted into a new configuration. 
And we are now moving forward once more.
Tonight was our first blocking/choreography rehearsal.  We worked on the first three numbers with Sailors, Buttercup, Josephine and Ralph.  Lot’s of great work — although several folks were absent.  They’re going to have some catching up to do, but I think we’re off to a good running start.
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