Full Cast Chaos

I shouldn’t call it chaos, for it truly wasn’t.
Yesterday the full cast was called for a blocking and choreography rehearsal.  This means about thirty people in and around one room.  Chaotic and confusing? Perhaps.  But the good thing is the room was abuzz with the energy of the production.  Some groups were learning choreography with me, some were reviewing on their own.  Some smaller groups were working on set design, costume fittings, props.  Individual actors were doing character work together.  Some were simply watching the process.
We certainly couldn’t get much focused work done if every rehearsal were like this.  But I think it’s important to establish this collective energy early on.  And also to keep everyone in touch with the production as it develops.
In the big sense of things, we choreographed "Sir Joseph’s Barge is Seen" (this includes the "Gaily Tripping" section.  It looks great.  But so much more was done than just this.
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