Great rehearsal yesterday.  We contintue to add material to Act II while reviewing our previous work in Act I.  Things are improving little by little with every rehearsal.  There is still a bit of back-sliding and confusion, but this too shall pass.
We started with warm-ups and did some exercises to develop animated stillness techniques.  We then reviewed the ever-popular "hand jive."
Next we reviewed the "puppet show."  Lisa brought in mock-ups for most of the puppets and this was extremely helpful.  I can’t wait to see this section in particular come together.
Our lighting designers Jenni and Chris, joined us to see the run-through and to discuss overall lighting concepts.
While most of the cast reviewed material, I set the choreography for "Never Mind the Why and Wherefore" with Thea, Richard, Jim and Ben.  This is coming along nicely.
We then ran Act I in it’s entirety and still had time to review the work we’ve done in Act II.
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