end in sight

We staged a huge chunk of Act II yesterday and were able to run it through a few times.  Another fun aspect of rehearsal was the addition of several wigs and costume pieces — mostly just for us to see them, but some of them wore worn during the rehearsal.
Everyone is focused and determined and we are all well aware that Opening Night is quickly coming upon us.  We had time to do a little physical work and to identify postures and movement styles for different groups of characters.  We are also really working on the particulars of "pulling focus" and "throwing focus" during rehearsals — this involves great concentration and draws upon the animated freeze work we started last week.
Tonight I will work with just the principals on character work and scene work.  Tuesday will be more choreography review, Thursday will (I hope) be finishing up the ending of Act II and Friday should be a run-through of the entire show.
We are definitely entering the homestretch — with rehearsals almost every single day from now until opening.
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