We had a great rehearsal tonight, of the kind I wish we could have more often.  It is a luxury to work in such detail on charaterization and on a beat-by-beat interpretation of the script.
We started off with some discussion and excercises to help each actor develop a heightened awareness of his or her character’s physicality.  We also took some time to discuss the heightened, larger-than-life performance style of this production.
Then we started going through the scenes one by one, identifying rhythms, comic timing and beats, and trying to clearly delineate when and where actors are pulling focus or throwing focus.  We got some great work done, although we just didn’t have the time to work through all the scenes — 2 1/2 hour rehearsals just are not long enough.
Perhaps we’ll be able to squeeze in some more scene work during the rest of the rehearsals this week.
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