Final Dress Rehearal

Tonight is our final dress rehearsal before opening, and I think we’re in fine shape.  We are still tweaking a few things… timing, balance of sound, last minute costume and make-up changes.  Tweaking and continuing to push for perfection right up to the last minute is the way it should be. Indeed, this process will continue throughout the run.  We will constantly be challenging ourselves for bigger, better, cleaner performances.
That said, I think this production is more than ready for an audience — in fact we need one desperately.  The amount of giving which is coming from the stage is incredible, and it’s been echoing throughout a largely empty theater for three days now.  Once we get those seats filled we will really be in business.
The magic of re-discovering a production as you present it to an audience is what it’s all about for me.  The work is there, the fine-tuning, the craftmanship, the thoughtfulness… I think you’re in for a real treat.
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