Great Response So Far…

We’ve completed our first weekend of performances and have enjoyed a wonderful response from each of our audiences — including whoops, and hollers, and standing ovations.
I’ve uploaded a few photos which were taken during today’s matinee (and some from a dress rehearsal). The truth of the matter is that live theater is created and designed to be seen live — and it doesn’t always translate well to photography nor video.  But these images should give you some idea of the colorful and creative staging we have in store for you.
With one solid weekend under our belts, we just have to stay on our toes performance-wise and hope that word gets out for next weekend’s final four performances. 
As far as we can tell, none of the area theater critics have been in attendance — so we won’t have the aid of a printed review to help promote the production.  We’re counting on word of mouth, as well as internet promotion, to let folks know about the production. 
Take a look at the video clip on You-Tube

We’ve heard some pretty glowing reviews from audience members in the lobby after each performance.  What we need now is for folks who haven’t seen the show to hear just how great it is.  If you’ve seen the show, please tell your friends about it.  And if you would like to let throngs of strangers know what you thought — please feel free to post your comments here. Just click on the "add a comment" link below… 

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1 Response to Great Response So Far…

  1. jimbuie says:

    Lucia and I brought our son Alex, age 10, and two friends, 9 and 7, to the Saturday matinee. It was their first operetta and I think they were dazzled by parts of it. The stage design and costuming were terrific! You should be very proud.  As a journalist, I\’m surprised that none of the local media bothered to review it — that\’s a case of negligence on their part. But you guys did a great job getting the message out by word of mouth, word of email, and even an impressive You Tube video! Congratulations!

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