Not Walking into Walls

We ran Act II in its entirety tonight and were able to do so on a simulation of the set.  Our Set Designer, Richard, had graciously taped out the floor plan for us so we could begin to address spacing issues.  It’s one thing to explain the set design to the cast and to then trust that everyone is imagining the same thing as we rehearse in conference rooms and dance studios; and quite another to rehearse on a life-size blueprint.  This has put us well on our way toward solving all sorts of problems involving platforms, stairs, walls, curtains, sight lines and the like.  We tightened up some formations and adjusted some spacing and had an extremely productive rehearsal.  The basic shape is good.  In terms of the performance, timing isn’t where it should be and there is still some uncertainty about blocking and words; and I still need to jazz up a few sections in terms of staging… but that is what the next few weeks are all about.

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