The Sharpening Has Begun

Another Tuesday rehearsal and lots of accomplishments.  I added just a bit more choreography to "Tower Warders" and then tried out the masks I’d ordered for Point and Elsie. I fitted the masks to their faces and we decided that breathing and seeing were both possible — so the masks are in! Then I worked with Point, Elsie and Cholmondely on tightening up some scene work and timing issues while Pam, Alan and Donna worked on firming up "Tower Warders" and "When Our Gallant Norman Foes."  I checked in on the women’s chorus as they cleaned up some spacing issues in "When Maiden Sighs" and then re-joined Pam and crew to add a bit more focused energy to "Here’s a Man of Jollity."  All during the evening smaller groups of actors worked on scenes, lines, and musical numbers independently. 
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