Cyber Directing

Another complete run-through tonight; and a lot of spacing and timing problems which had been plaguing us have now been cleaned up.  It’s usually at about this point in rehearsals that I begin emailing notes to the cast.  Emailed notes give us all a bit more time to settle our thoughts in terms of communication.  I can sit and wade through my pages and pages of scribble and re-form them into something cohesive; and members of the cast can each find their own time to sit and give all their focused attention to the notes.  This is far better than my trying to scream notes at them as we’re being kicked out of the building after rehearsals have run right up to the 10 PM closing time.  And it’s already begun to pay off.  I sent out rather lengthy notes over the weekend — almost all of which were put into effect at tonight’s rehearsal.  Lovely.

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