And Now for Something Completely Different…

Another great rehearsal.  Tonight was our understudy run-through — when we run the entire show with the understudies in the principal roles.  Bear in mind that all the understudies are also performing in the chorus, so they have learned their chorus roles as well as the lines, songs, blocking and choreography for the principal role for which they are understudying.  Their work is nothing short of inspiring!  Each understudy actor faithfully performed the basics of what has been staged with the principals, but in their own inimitable fashion — which is as it should be.  It is great fun to see variations on a theme, shifts in chemistry, and alternative interpretations of script and score.  I think it is also a sign of an extremely strong production when you can shuffle the principal players and still have an entertaining production which holds together so admirably.  Well done everyone!

Also, earlier today Alan, Richard, Evelyn and I met with David Ballantyne from WCPE for an interview about the group and the production  I think it went well, you just never know about these things until you can hear the final product.  The piece should air sometime in the 7 o’clock (pm) hour on Sunday, April 13 on WCPE 89.7 FM.  You can also listen online by visiting

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