Step by Step

We’re in!  This morning the early birds loaded the set into the Carolina Theater (and it looks fantastic).  This afternoon lights were re-hung, gelled and focused, but we didn’t have time to program the lighting cues before the actors arrived.  Rehearsal started out with the actors walking the set to get accustomed to steps and levels, and to identify entrances and exits.  Then I addressed some spacing issues before we launched into a full run of the show.  Tonight was all about fitting the show into the space: so it was a run with props, but no costumes nor make-up (that comes tomorrow).  I sat with our lighting designer and board operator and we did our best to write cues during the run.  We made quite a bit of headway, but will need to finish the task before rehearsal tomorrow.  Meanwhile, the cast had a terrific run and everything seems to be going exceedingly well.  There is one troublesome number which continues to be a bit of a problem, so Pam led a review session after the run while Charles and I laid out a plan of action for tomorrow with the tech crew.  So, big steps forward today and more steps to be taken tomorrow.
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