Starting off with a Bang

We had an amazingly large crowd for a Thursday night preview. They were with us every step of the way and I couldn’t have been more proud of the performance. I love the first night with an audience — it’s what puts the "live" into "live theater." The energy which has been one-way for so long, suddenly becomes a two-way conversation in which every moment is heightened and buzzes with vibrancy.  And the work of months and months of meetings, work days, and rehearsals is put to the test. The cast was spot on with timing and choreography; and the music they made was phenomenal.  Solos as well as choral numbers ranged from consistently strong to breath-taking.  As director, I have the unique ability to be somewhat incognito while sitting in the audience.  I enjoy eavesdroping on audience conversations to see what they really think.  So, in addition to being able to attest that the above comments were actually voiced by audience members, I’m happy to report that many audience members also remarked on the strong acting and the consistency of the performances; as well as on the beautiful design and solid orchestral accompaniment.  Performers, designers, technicians, musicians… we are indeed fortunate to have a talented team of artists who put a great deal of creative energy into our productions — and tonight’s performance was a resounding accolade for their labors.

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