Getting “The Gondoliers” up and running

We’ve been doing plenty of work behind the scenes to get the ball rolling for the Durham Savoyards’ upcoming 2009 production of "The Gondoliers."  Among many othe preliminary design elements has been the development of our initial publicity image. Since the plot of "The Gondoliers" revolves around two Venetian gondolier brothers who discover that they are not brothers after all; and that one of them is actually the King of Barataria….. our publicity image is two infants in a gondola — one wearing a crown.  The photo shoot went amazingly smoothly and the kids (both children of lead sopranos from past Savoyard productions) were wonderfully cooperative.  A little time with computer editing put the kids in a gondola; and the gondola in the water. And so here we are.

Auditions will be January 4th and 5th.  Visit  for more details

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