And we’re off…

The sing-through last night was great.  We had introductions of the cast and some members of the production team; went over some basic protocol; presented the set design; and then dove into the music.  It was good to have the cast all in one room for the first time; and to enjoy a light-hearted, no-pressure approach to the score.  As always, having the opportunity to just sit and listen to the cast sing through the score for the first time is very helpful to me.  I’m able to listen to the music and to visualize various options for putting the production onto the stage.  Of course, I’ve been listening to a recording of the score, but somehow it just doesn’t compare with finally hearing our cast singing with their own distinctive voices.

Now Alan will begin working on the score in greater detail.  He’ll be calling smaller groups of chorus and principals over the coming days to work individual sections.  Rehearsals will be extremely music-heavy at first:  because the score is rather challenging; and because my availability is limited at the moment as I’m currenlty juggling two productions.  I will be conducting choreography rehearsals on Tuesdays and will get to work on staging rehearsals later in the month.

In the meantime, I’m finalizing the layout of the postcard and other publicity items.  I’m also preparing for this coming Tuesday’s rehearsal — which will be a dance class/audition of sorts.  This production calls for quite a bit of choreography, so I’m planning to divide the cast into groups, with a small number of featured dancers taking on some of the more challenging dance sections.  I hope cast members wont be too intimidated by the concept of a dance audition.  It should be low-key and, I hope, a lot of fun.

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