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Believe it or not, we’ve been working like crazy since my last blog entry.  We’ve staged all of Act I and most of Act II.  The next few weeks will be spent completing the choreography and blocking; and continuing to refine the work we’ve already done.  In other words, we’ll be putting the icing on the cake.

Last night we shot a few publicity photos of Stephen and Adam (as Marco and Guiseppe).  As usual, there wasn’t a lot of time; and resources were limited.  I quickly set up a make-shift photography studio in one of our rehearsal rooms using two clip lights and a few yards of fabric.  A music stand worked to hold the key clip light and a white dry erase board which happened to be in the room served as a reflector for the bounced fill light with the second clip light.  Diane had completed the costumes and kindly brought them over.  We also used the same crown which appears in the baby shot on the earlier marketing materials.  All in all the photo shoot took about twenty minutes from beginning to end and we wrapped that up just in time to start rehearsal.

It was a busy night.  We staged several scenes and also set the choreography for "There Lived a King," "Take a Pair of Sparkling Eyes," and "I am a Courtier."  Among other achievements, we danced with some brooms, derided the folks in the balcony as well as in the orchestra pit, and perfected the art of the silly hop.

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