First Night of Tech

It never ceases to amaze me. 

For months and months we’ve been working our butts off.  Designers, technicians, musicians, actors, stage managers, producers and, yes, directors.  We’ve had meetings, rehearsals, workdays, and countless email conferences and negotiations.  We’ve orchestrated publicity: photographs, postcards, posters, press releases, and interviews.  We’ve sweated; we’ve fretted; we’ve bickered; and snickered; and cried.  And, again, we’ve worked.  Hard.  And it’s all been for something which was theoretical; completely intangible.  It was a concept, a vision, a dream.

Here’s the tricky part…. no matter how much we may have struggled to all be ‘on the same page,’ until this point our production has been many individual dreams.  I can guarantee you that no two people working on this production envisioned it coming together in exactly the same way.  And I can also guarantee you that not one of us saw it coming together exactly the way it has.

That is the bulk of what Tech Week is all about: making these many dreams become one reality.  This is the time when our dreams are put to the test; and we find out, in sometimes harshly concrete fashion, how our many individual visions will coalesce into one actuality. 

My main job this week is to make certain this manifestation of visions comes together as smoothly as possible.  This involves an almost continuous shifting of focus from the smallest of details to the grand scheme of things; and an almost constant answering of questions and making of decisions.  I actually enjoy this process.  It is mentally exhausting, but it can be great fun.  I go in to this first day knowing that I will be faced with a barrage of problems, challenges and set-backs; and I also know that they will each be overcome.  Calm is the key.  Calm and efficient.  That is the one constant I strive to maintain; and that is what I expect from everyone else.  We calmly face our challenges and, one at a time, we efficiently resolve them.

We had a fantastic first night in the theater.  Yes, many problems; and many solutions.  Everyone has done a bang-up job of coming into this week fully prepared, so I can count on solid work on all fronts.  Tonight we continue the process.

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