Winter Weather

So far, one and a half rehearsals have been cancelled because of the recent winter storm — a bit of a rarity in these parts. I’ve heard varying reports ranging from 3 to 10 inches of snow. The storm hit a bit earlier than expected Friday evening — just as rehearsal was getting under way. Therefore, what was to have been a choreography review was cut short so everyone could get themselves safely home. I’m assuming the set-building scheduled for Saturday was also cancelled, since the snow continued off and on throughout the day (and the warehouse is not heated). Saturday night gave us a deep freeze, so there has been no melting of snow. In fact, at my house, the snow is now frozen solid. So today’s music rehearsal has also been cancelled. We hope to begin rehearsals again Monday evening. And the catching up will commence as we simultaneously delve into new material. This reminds me of a pretty amazing thing about the performing arts…. somehow or another we never miss a deadline. After over 25 years in the business, I have yet to work on a performance which did not open as scheduled. And "The Mikado" will be ready to open on March 18th, no question. The date has been set for well over a year; we’ve been steadily working toward that goal; and, come what may, we will achieve it. Most days move us closer to readiness, but some days hold us back. This weekend’s weather is one of the more obvious examples of the hurdles which will block our way. But, no matter what, the show will go on as scheduled. We now have to work harder and more efficiently than ever before, but we will get it done.
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