Have Fan, Will Dance

Tonight we reviewed the Ko Ko/Katisha section which begins with "Alone and Yet Alive" and runs through "There’s Beauty in the Below of the Blast." Evelyn had staged this material a couple of weeks ago, and I must say she did a fine job. It’s a lovely little character journey for Katisha and provides opportunities for poignancy as well as for comic relief — both of which were profoundly present. In addition to being used in all the scenes in this section, folding fans figure prominently in the choreography for all three songs — and in very different ways. A lot of fun was had with various interpretations and re-inventions of "gesture and the fan:" open, closed, fluttering, waving, swooping, slicing, smacking, whacking, deflecting, protecting….. The list goes on and, in fact, continues to grow.
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