Last night we had our publicity photo shoot. As always, it was a down-and-dirty affair as the actors rushed to get into hair, make-up, and costumes so we could get the photos done and still have time for a rehearsal. The make-up is rather involved, and this was our first time applying it, so the preparation took even longer than expected. But we were able to squeeze in some good rehearsal time afterwards. While we were rushed to get the photos done, this was a great opportunity to make a first run at the make-up; and to get a look at how the costumes are coming together. I think the colors and textures are lovely, and the juxtaposition of the different character looks is right on target. (I’ve posted one photo below, you can see the rest in the Mikado 2010 photo album on the left-hand side of this page.) The promotional events continue right on through the weekend, and we’ll all be juggling our schedules as well as our attentions as we continue to rehearse while also exploring avenues to promote the production. Tonight we will have a full run-through of the show — which will be videotaped by WUNC-TV for an upcoming on-air story. On Saturday Alan and I, along with several cast members, will make a presentation about the production to the Fearrington Opera Club. Sunday’s rehearsal will involve interviews with WCPE and the Durham Herald-Sun, as well as another run-through.

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