Day Two of Tech

Last night we started off the evening by getting everyone into make-up — not a small task. I stayed well out of the way and worked on lighting cues and other tech issues as Pam and her wonderful crew instructed the entire cast on the correct make-up application procedure. We also added costumes; and performed with the orchestra for the first time in the theater. All these elements came together remarkably well. I am very pleased with the visual elements and the wonderful way in which they are integrated with the music and the staging. There are still technical and performance issues to work out (I had to re-block three different sections because of unforeseen sight line issues), but I think we have it all well in hand. We also have great news from the box office. Ticket sales have been through the roof! All reserved seats for all performances are now sold out. There are still general admission tickets available — but folks should be sure to arrive early for best choice of seating.
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