Stardate with Ida

We’re starting to get the preliminary work under way in preparation for next spring’s production of “Princess Ida.”  I’ve spent a good deal of time with the libretto and have had initial consultations with Alan, our musical director, and with many members of our design and production team.

While our past few productions have been presented in a fairly traditional style, I’ve decided it’s time to shake things up again.  As with previous “non-traditional” productions I’ve directed, this isn’t an arbitrary decision, but a direct reaction to the work Gilbert and Sullivan created.  As always, the score and libretto will be presented as written.  But, rather than slip into archaic presentations of the themes at hand, we’ll be looking for bold new ways to explore the realms of love, war, intellect and independence; and what happens when they collide and/or intersect. I’m excited about the ambitious course we’re setting for ourselves — stay tuned for updates as things develop.

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