Blast off!

Since my last posting we’ve had three nights of auditions and a night of call-backs — and we now have a cast for “Princess Ida.”  The number of folks who auditioned was staggering, so Alan and I had an extremely difficult time making our final casting decisions.  But we are very happy with the cast and look forward to working with them to bring this production to life.

Our first full-cast sing-through will be this Sunday.  Then rehearsals will begin in earnest.

We also have our second production meeting scheduled for this Sunday.  I’m excited about the direction in which we’re heading and look forward to seeing how our production team will meet the design and construction challenges which lie ahead.

Speaking of which…. we also have our publicity design ready to go.  I think it reflects the production concept beautifully.  As I’ve said before, it is a strange and difficult thing to develop promotional materials before rehearsals have even begun.  But that’s the way it has to be. As much as I might complain, it’s actually a good exercise for me as a director. Developing a good publicity image involves a thoughtful process of honing and editing.  It’s hard work, but it certainly does force one to focus on the essentials…. to get to the heart of the concept.

I know it has helped me to focus my ideas and to realistically face the many challenges which this production concept will pose.  I hope it also helps to inspire our cast and our designers in the months ahead.  And I hope it piques the interest of our audience as well!

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5 Responses to Blast off!

  1. Prudence Carlson says:

    Hello. Would you be able to sell me a copy of the “Princess Ida” poster? My daughter (a 10-year-old) is named Ida and would be delighted beyond description to have a framed copy hung on her bedroom wall. Please let me know. Many thanks.

    • Derrick Ivey says:

      Hi Prudence.

      I don’t know if we have any remaining copies of the “Princess Ida” poster. I’ll see what I can find out and get back to you.

      By the way, my mother’s first name was Ida; and I have a beautiful little goat named Ida. So please tell your daughter she’s in very good company.

  2. Prudence Carlson says:

    Greetings Derrick. I just found your reply. Ida (the name), now rare, was also our daughter’s great grandmother’s. Ida and I would be thrilled to bits if you were to unearth a copy of the “Princess Ida” poster. The image is quite wonderful, a little bit of Ozma of Oz (as John R. Neill envisioned her) backed by a looping Flash Gordon-esque space ship. Please, please do let me know what you might find. Best, Prudence

    • Derrick Ivey says:

      I believe you also contacted our Board of Directors. They are working on getting an image to you! Please tell Ida I said ‘hello.’

      • Prudence Carlson says:

        Thanks tremendously, Derrick. I’ll relay your “hello” to Ida. I’ll have her write you directly over the next couple of days (she’s a delightful correspondent). For now. Best, Prudence

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