Cursed with appetite keen I am; and I’ll subdue it…

This show is sexier than I’d originally thought!

Tonight we staged “Merrily Ring the Luncheon Bell” and “Would You Know the Kind of Maid” (or “The Kissing Song”), as well as the scenes before, between and after.

The focus seemed to constantly shift between the expression and the suppression of appetite.  First we discovered clandestined lovers planning a furtive escape, only to be stopped by the prospect of lunch.  Then we sang about food, abstinence, sublimation, and more food. Next we had more covert flirtation, some unwanted exposition, and unbridled passion segueing into a song about unspoken desire (implied or inferred); followed by a shocking revelation and laced with subterfuge and intrigue throughout.  Fun.

Oh, and we worked in some chases, some pratfalls, some skipping, some freezes, some shimmies, a space/time vortex,  a few futuristic food items, and an old-fashioned, honest-to-goodness kiss on the lips.

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