Putting it Together

Life in “Ida Land” is getting real-er every minute.  Richard, our set designer, took the time to tape out the set design on the floor in one of our rehearsal rooms.  This was no small feat since we have a complete change of set between Act I and Act II.  He used a different color tape for each set — which can look chaotic and confusing on first glance, but works brilliantly once you understand the system.  And the timing couldn’t be more perfect.  We’ve almost finished staging the entire show; and this taped-0ut floor plan will help us to identify and resolve spacing issues and problems with traffic patterns before we stand the test of fire on the actual set in a few weeks.

Sunday afternoon we focused on Act I. We had one stop and start run-through of the act, in which we were able to correct several spacing problems, to resolve some blocking questions, and to tear apart and reconstruct some choreography which just wasn’t working.  And then we had time to go back and run the act again without stopping.  All in all it’s in pretty good shape.  But we’ve only addressed the larger “broad stroke” issues.

Tuesday night we’ll again focus on Act I, but this time we’ll be in the dance studio (with mirrors) and will work on finessing the smaller details — and achieving the ever-elusive art of unison movement.

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