“Man-monsters,”  that’s what Ida calls Hilarion and his cohorts just before she falls into the stream.  We didn’t work that scene tonight, but we had fun remembering the line and talking about how it does seem to have come straight out of 1950s sci-fi movie.

Aside from enjoying the language of the libretto, we staged “Now Wouldn’t You Like to Rule the Roast” (also known as the Blanche/Melissa duet) along with the scene immediately preceding it.  We also worked through “Come Mighty Must.”  While I’d planned out the choreography in advance, we did make some changes — finding that some of the moves were better when “Fosse-ed up.”  We also incorporated some pole dancing, just for kicks; explored the mother/daughter dynamic; and made sure Blanche got some sugar.

With the work we did tonight, we have now blocked and choreographed everything except for the Act III Finale.  But having it on paper doesn’t necessarily translate to having it in our bodies.  The truly grueling work begins as we spend the next few weeks whipping it into shape.

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