Step by Step, Inch by Inch

This afternoon we had a stop and start run-through of Act II.  Again, having the set design taped out on the floor of the rehearsal hall was a huge benefit.  Working with this clear demarkation of the playing space, we were able to address and resolve many spacing issues.  And to identify issues which will need to wait to be resolved once we’re on the actual stage.

That said, I have to admit the stop and start run-through was more stops than starts — and often fitful starts at that.  We’re at a difficult stage where music rehearsals and staging rehearsals are beginning to meld.  Where the brain and body are being asked to remember lines, lyrics, blocking, choreography, meter, harmonies, and countless other things.  We’re in the first stages of moving from rehearsal mode to performance mode, and that’s not always the easiest of transitions to make.  We’re losing the training wheels and swerving a bit as we re-gain our balance.

While some sections are in very good shape, other sections clearly need additional attention — which is par for the course at this point in rehearsals.  We were able to clean up several problem areas during today’s rehearsal, but the more complex issues will be addressed during what were previously TBA rehearsals in the coming week. I know all too well what these final weeks of rehearsal are like, so I’ve built in some flex-time to allow us to put our focus where it needs to go. That’s what TBA rehearsals are all about.

So this will be our pattern for the next few weeks.  We’ll run a large chunk of the show on Sundays and then decide which smaller sections need remedial work during the following week.  It’s a focused and meticulous approach which should pay off for us as we move toward tech week and performances next month.

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