The quest continues…

We’re barreling right along with rehearsals this week.  After our focus on Act III on Sunday, we’re using our weeknight rehearsals to review and refine smaller sections before our run of the entire show on Friday.

Monday night I worked with Hilarion/Florian/Cyril and Arac/Guron/Scynthius.  This included step-by-step refinement of the big fight in Act III (fighting in slow motion is quite difficult, we discovered); fine-tuning of choreography in “Gently, Gently;” adding some more swing to “I Am a Maiden;” and clarification of movement and timing in both “We Are Warriors Three” and “This Helmet I Suppose.”

Tuesday night I worked with both the women’s choruses.  We ran each ensemble number in Act I and Act II at least twice, clarifying both unison and canon movements throughout.  We also made some minor changes and additions to the choreography, and took advantage of the mirrors in the dance studio to help achieve a unified style of movement.  Along the way we added nuance, surprise, and personality to all the numbers — working on shifts from military precision to joyous abandon and invoking shades of vaudeville soft shoe, the Little Rascals, Isadora Duncan and the Ride of the Valkyries, to name but a few.

The quest continues on Thursday night when I’ll work with the men’s chorus.

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