Seeing the Future

We’ve had a jam-packed week.  Monday, Tuesday and Thursday nights were spent reviewing material — putting special emphasis on scene and character work.

In the midst of all the rehearsals, on Wednesday night we had our official photo shoot.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the photo shoot is always a challenge.  We’re creating an image which we hope will represent our production…. but our production doesn’t quite exist yet.  We have a vision and we have a tremendous amount of work under our belts.  But the final “coming together” of all the many different elements won’t truly happen until we are in the theater in the final week before performances.   But we need to sell the show.  And to sell the show we need publicity images.  So we put our best effort forward and try to channel our collective visions into a few static images.

The photo shoot involved a concerted effort from lots of folks from all aspects of the production’s performance and design.  We set up the equipment in the warehouse space, got the actors into make-up and costumes, experimented with lighting and a fog machine, and improvised several different scenarios based on the action in the production.  Some shots are more for mood than anything else and others are somewhat plot-driven.  We were going for a range of images which included the dramatic and the operatic as well as the comic…. and I think we were able to capture a little of all three.  Special thanks to photographer Joe Cohn.

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