A New Day will Sneak Up on You

Our incredible crew spent all day loading in the set pieces and working out the various logistics involved in opening the show with one set (the observation deck of a star ship) for Act I and then quickly switching over to a completely different set (an academic outpost on an alien planet) for Acts II and III.  Things fly in and things fly out.  Other things are carried on or off.  Still other things are re-surfaced, re-configured or merely re-positioned.  It takes an organized plan and a lot of manpower.

So the set crew worked right up until rehearsal time.  Somewhat unfortunately, this meant the lights were not focused and we didn’t have time to address many lighting issues at all.  So we rehearsed under work lights for the most part.  Which was just fine.

It would have been great to have had lights for tonight’s rehearsal.  But the primary objective for this first day in the theater was to focus on the physical demands of the playing space; to make sure the performance fits and works on the set.  We started off the evening by marking through all the blocking and choreography and adjusting spacing and placement where necessary.  And I’m pleased to say that we really didn’t have to make many changes at all.  We’ve been working on a taped-out set design once or twice a week — so we had foreseen and addressed many spacing issues well in advance.  Of course, the 3-D terrain of an actual set is very different from a taped-out floor plan.  So some adjustments were made today.  But not many.  Focus was sharp and performances were strong, so I think we’re in great shape performance-wise.

Tomorrow the lights will be focused during the day and I’ll consult with our lighting designer in the afternoon.  Then we’ll add in costumes, hair, and make-up for a full run of the show with lights — and with the orchestra — tomorrow night.  Actually, that’s tonight…. so everything mentioned in this paragraph will happen today.  Boy, a new day sure will sneak up on you sometimes.

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