Here we go!

It’s real.  Tonight was our “preview” performance before tomorrow’s official opening night — and it went wonderfully.   It wasn’t perfect, mind you…. but ’twas wonderful nonetheless.  The cast looked and sounded great and the audience was with them every step of the way.  The production was skillfully presented and enthusiastically received and that’s all I can ask for.

We had a few first-night snafus, but nothing that most audience members would have noticed — and all things which are easily correctable and avoidable for the rest of the run.  I spent some time with the tech crew after the performance to work out some minor kinks, and now feel better than ever as we head into Opening Night and the remaining weekend of performances.

Sometimes I feel a bit awkward praising our own work here.  So I will stop now and share some emailed comments from audience members…..

It was a really, really wonderful show tonight.  I laughed a lot!  The choreography was a hoot!  The voices were beautiful… the set was gorgeous….. costumes colorful….  lighting, orchestra, everything was top notch.  Congratulations everyone!  Break a leg with the remainder of the show.   You have a spectacular show in your hands!

Can’t remember when I have had so much fun.  The concept wonderful, the set incredible, someone had  lot of fun with costumes and hair.  The choreography for our intrepid heroes in Act II left me and my companion almost crying, the Darwinian touch was inspired.  Thank you.

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