This afternoon …

This afternoon we had a three-hour rehearsal — what a luxury!  We had time for a discussion about the logistics of moving into the theater next week; for me to give notes from Friday night’s rehearsal; for the cast to run the show in its entirety; and for me to then give notes on today’s run-through.

It was also a great luxury to have our Royal Chorus in attendance today.  They not only provided a substantial vocal heft to the choral sections, but also provided some much-needed audience feedback. It’s quite energizing to hear laughter and other audience responses in the appropriate places.  It lets us know that our work is on target and that these months of cloistered rehearsals in small rooms will indeed resonate with a live audience.

We’ve still got some cleaning up and some fine-tuning to do.  But, all in all, we’re in fine shape.  The music is well-rehearsed, complex, and quite beautiful.  The character work is solid, and the scenes are intricate and well-paced.  The choreography is quirky and surprising.  And the ensemble energy is both modulated and tightly focused.  Again, we’ve got plenty of work to do.  But the overall shape of things is just dandy.

Now we head into one final week of rehearsals before moving in to the Carolina Theater.  As I told the cast today, we need to make certain we don’t carry any problems with us into the theater — because we’ll be meeting and solving a whole new set of problems once we’re there.  We’ll find out if onstage spacing and timing actually work.  We’ll find out if backstage spacing and timing actually work. We’ll struggle to find a balance between voices and orchestra.  We’ll see what it’s really like when all those fairies have wings.  We’ll discover how to paint pictures with sets, costumes and lighting.  And, eventually, we’ll find and master the rhythms of performing this particular show in front of a live audience.

There will be surprises along the way….. many of them.  But, if we go in with each individual performance solidly, in place we’ll be able to meet any new surprises with calm conviction; and to continue our steadfast march toward opening night and beyond.

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