Long Day and Long Night

So, we’re officially in the Carolina Theatre and Tech Week has begun.

A team of volunteers loaded the set into the theater from early this morning until well into the afternoon.  Meanwhile other folks worked on lighting, costumes, props, and setting up for the orchestra (among other things).  

I had to work another job this morning, but was in the theater by lunchtime and began outlining lighting cues.  Later in the afternoon I worked with Donna and Chris (stage manager and lighting designer) to write cues for all of Act I.  Then we ran out of time and had to get the show on the road.

The actors arrived and had a brief meeting at which they were introduced to the technical staff and running crew, and went over some basic procedures for working and performing in the space.

Then I worked with the cast to tackle the inevitable spacing and movement issues which suddenly come into play when you perform on a set for the first time.

Then we ran the entire show; Act I with something like what will be the actual lighting cues, and Act II with basic general lighting.

It was a good run.  The cast was focused and prepared and we got a lot accomplished.  We were even able to dismiss the cast almost half an hour early.  Now I’ll type up the notes and start getting set for night two of technical rehearsals.

Tomorrow I’ll have another job in the morning, then will spend some time at yet another job in the afternoon.  I hope to be at the theater by 5 PM at the latest; and should then be able to write the lighting cues for Act II before our rehearsal.  That’ll be with costumes, hair and make-up, and the full orchestra…. Can’t wait!

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